Oil & Gas Geological Experts and Disruptive Tech Start-Up

Developing and deploying an amazing technology requires an amazing team.

AHS’s team has decades of experience in the development and deployment of  geological technologies.  This deep experience allows AHS to provide accurate interpretation and translation of complicated data sets to provide our customers with the information they need.

Our leadership team is supported by a growing roster of engineers, chemists, and business experts that facilitate and enhance development and deployment of AHS Technology and AHS Services.  The combination of deep geological thought leadership and pioneering start up spirit makes the AHS team uniquely capable of advancing the disruptive AHS Technology.

AHS Leadership


Mike Smith, President

Four decades of leading innovation in petrogeology.  Leading developer of fluid inclusion analysis methods and technology for Amoco, ExxonMobil, and other leading petroleum exploration and production companies.  Mike is focused on R&D, business development, and leading AHS.


Dennis Smith, Senior Technical Expert

Thirty-six years of petroleum research and development experience for ExxonMobil and eight years of experience in experimental geology research for NASA (USA).  At AHS, Dennis focuses on the development, use, and deployment of AHS Technology.


Jim Reynolds, Senior Fluid Inclusion Expert

Four decades of fluid inclusion experience including installing over 1000 fluid inclusion labs worldwide, 20 years exclusive research for ExxonMobil, and co-authoring the text that has guided inclusion analysis for over two decades.  Jim focuses on R&D for AHS

Gary Cancienne

Gary Cancienne, Senior Geophysicist

Over thirty years experience integrating well bore geology to geophysical and engineering data.  Gary has successfully developed a proprietary program suite dedicated to the merging of rock data to seismic in order to simplify interpretation.  Gary’s focus at AHS is researching and and deploying AHS Technology.

Barry Summers2

Barry Summers, Senior Petrophysicist and Geomechanicist

Twenty-two years experience in geology and petrophysics.  Exploration and development at Shell and Independent Operators predominately in oil shale, shale gas/oil and tight sands.  Barry’s focus at AHS is developing strategies to link geochemical data with LWD tool response and reservoir geomechanics.


William Murphy, Senior Geologist

Thirty-five years of experience in global petroleum exploration and production geology.  Bill focuses on new applications and developing opportunities for AHS Technology.


Len S. Smith, Senior Legal & Business Affairs Advisor

Over twenty years of experience in legal and business leadership for leading technology organizations.  Len focuses on handling AHS legal affairs, marketing, and business strategies.

2017 Head Shot Shelley AHS

Shelley Stringer, VP Operations

A deep and diverse set of operational skills and experience developed over decades of service.  Shelley is responsible for managing AHS general business functions and operations.

Interested in Working For AHS?  We’re Hiring!

AHS is always looking for professionals interested in joining us in our mission of developing and deploying new technologies to improve the efficiency of petroleum production.  Interested candidates are invited to send us their resume and cover letter.  We welcome full time employee and independent contractor relationships.  We will accept great candidates for positions anywhere, but most technical positions are located in Houston, Denver, or Tulsa.